Denver Spring Service Manufacturing Company was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1953 by Lewis .L. King. Twenty years earlier, in Wichita Falls, Texas, A.W. Loden founded Loden Spring Service. Both companies grew with the same goals in mind. Both ran furnaces and fired spring steel to make leaf springs for their customers. Both companies worked on suspensions, front end work, steering brakes and wheel alignments. Both companies had the same high-quality service, workmanship and integrity that kept customers coming back.

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In 1990, A.W.’s granddaughter, Sarah Loden Buffum, took over the reins and became the owner of Loden Spring. This had always been Sarah’s dream since spending many, many days at the shop as a child and through her teens. Her husband Bob Buffum joined her in this venture working as an outside salesman. The company grew and so did her desire to live in Colorado, where she had spent many summers growing up. This, too, became a reality in 1997, when Denver Spring Service Manufacturing was offered for sale. Sarah and Bob bought the company, moved to Denver, and changed the name to Denver Spring & Suspension, Inc. reflecting that we did more than just make leaf springs. Sarah sold Loden Spring in 1999 and turned her full focus to Denver Spring.


During these years, the company moved its location twice. The first time move brought us from 3434 Brighton Blvd to 3510 Brighton Blvd in 2001. The larger building allowed us to offer our customers a larger scope of work. A new furnace was built to continue custom spring work and the business continued to thrive and grow. Sadly, in 2003, Bob lost his battle with cancer, and Sarah, through her grief, found the strength to carry on their legacy.

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Despite the growing demand for custom spring manufacturing, in 2012 Sarah reluctantly decided to close the furnace for good as the cost of making a custom pair of springs from raw spring steel had become incredibly expensive. Technology to the rescue! Denver Spring now buys pre-tempered spring steel. This allows us to make modifications and repairs in less than half the time than before as well as cost savings to our customers. Fast forward to 2016 when Sarah finally realizes her dream of a shop with all drive through bays. By purchasing the building at 5171 Cook Street in north Denver, this dream become a reality.  The old offices were torn out and brand-new offices were constructed. The mustard yellow exterior of the building was painted over with a dark blue, and the new shiny signs installed front and center, we are ready to open a new chapter in Denver Spring’s history. Future, here we come!


…And the future begins now! We’ve welcomed two new employees in the past year who have joined our employees of many years in our commitment to excellence. Sarah has always held continued training and education, for both the technicians and service writers together, as a vital component to the bright future we envision. This means our team knows their stuff and is committed to always improving their knowledge, workmanship and skills. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we couldn’t have imagined better people to join us on our journey!
Continuing our legacy of integrity, quality workmanship, and customer care, along with developing a relationship with our customers will always remain at the forefront of Denver Spring’s business model. We are still family owned and proud to be this way as we look to our future. A.W. Loden would be incredibly pleased as to how his legacy has continued with Denver Spring, and we are too!

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